Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tips to improve Vocabulary

To improve Vocabulary, We need

Reading Material
Note Cards
Word-a-day Calendars
Internet Access
Crossword Puzzles

Step 1:
Read as much as you can to encounter the words you didnt already know.

Step 2:
Use a dictionary to look up the unfamiliar words you come across in your reading.
Remember a word can have a different meanings . Know all of the definitions of the word.

Step 3:
Use a notebook to keep the list of the vocabulary words. Write the definition as well as the sentence using the word to help you remember the context.
Use an address to keep an alphabetical order of your words.

Step 4:
Create a Flash cards to reenforce your new words.
Write the word on the one side of the card and the definition on the other side. Quiz yourself by looking at the word and remember the definitions.

Step 5:
Make efforts to learn a word every day. Use a word a day calendars and websites to introduce to new words.
Learn common prefixes and suffixes. These parts that comes together to create words can help you figure out what a word means.

Step 6:
Play word games. Use computer games or cross word puzzles to grow your vocabulary and helps reinforce the words you are learning.

Step 7:
Use your new words in your daily conversation. Continue using and reviewing your words to reenforce what you have learned.